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What Network Starts With This Phone Number?

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One of the everyday things to ask before sending an SMS or calling a mobile number in the Philippines is “what network is this.” Knowing whether the number you intend to call is Smart, Globe, Sun Cellular, or any other network gives us an idea of whether we’ll be charged or avail of free calls or messages.

More than 20 years ago, the main networks were Smart (0918) and Globe (0917) so it was easier to detect which network cellular numbers of our peers or family members belonged.

But fast forward to the current times; not only are there more telecom players and brands, but the number of cellphone number prefixes they carry has also ballooned. It’s not surprising to see this surge in volume growth because the adoption of mobile devices among Filipino users has been on an upward trajectory ever since.

what network are you using?
What network is your mobile phone using?

For those who are not so familiar and ask “you got the number to call, why not promptly call or send a message without asking which network it belongs to?” the necessity of identifying a recipient’s network stems from the fact that competing networks attempt to reward users that belong to them.

This means if I am using a number that belongs to Globe Telecoms, calling a number that belongs to the same network may grant me some privileges such as lower call charges, unlimited SMS exchange for a certain period, and so on.

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On the other hand, if I plan to call someone from another network, it might be more costly. So don’t be surprised if company customer service hotlines include specific numbers based on certain networks.

Importance of checking whether it’s Globe or Smart network

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Knowing whether you’re on the Globe or Smart network in the Philippines is critical because these are the country’s two leading mobile network carriers. Their network coverage, price, and services might vary dramatically.

You can ensure a solid and reliable network connection by understanding which network is being utilized, especially if traveling to different regions. This is significant since network coverage and speed between Globe and Smart in different Philippines locations might vary substantially. For example, one network may have better coverage and faster internet speeds in metropolitan regions than rural ones.

Furthermore, each operator provides unique cellphone plans and services with variable rates and features. Knowing which network is in use might assist you in selecting the best mobile plan or service for your needs and budget.

Speed and network coverage: Globe or Smart network

Depending on the area and network technologies used, network coverage and speed can differ dramatically between Globe and Smart in the Philippines.

Both carriers have comprehensive network coverage across the country, but there are some regions where one network may have more robust coverage. Globe, for example, has a more substantial presence in some rural locations, but Smart may have superior coverage in some metropolitan areas.

Globe and Smart provide 4G LTE coverage. However, Smart has more sophisticated technologies in select places, such as LTE-A (Advanced) and 5G. Smart may offer higher internet connections in some regions, especially those with LTE-A and 5G connectivity.

It’s worth noting that network coverage and speed can also be affected by factors like as the type of device used, the number of users in a particular area, and the time of day. However, in most areas of the Philippines, Globe and Smart provide stable network coverage and excellent internet speeds.

If network coverage and speed are crucial, check which network is used in your area and compare the coverage and rates provided by Globe and Smart. This can assist you in selecting the ideal network for your needs and ensuring a dependable and speedy network connection.

Benefits to the mobile network user

  1. It helps you to determine whether you are charged for the call or SMS and use a number of a corresponding network. Mobile networks may charge users of competing networks, so if your friend or family member uses a certain line, you are inclined to adopt the same network to avoid such extra costs.
  2. It helps you decide on which network to buy a SIM card or register a cellular plan based on networks of numbers you often communicate with. You can then adjust by sharing using a specific network instead of one that gets charged.
  3. If your business sells cellphone loads, you don’t have to ask a customer what network he or she uses.

So based on the starting number of the phone you are calling, you’ll know which network they belong from the list below.

Smart & TalkNText, Globe & Touch Mobile, Sun Cellular Numbers

Smart / Talk N TextGlobe / Touch MobileSun Cellular

New players in the telecom industry have since joined the competition and also have the following numbers as follows. So the question of what network a new number uses remains a relevant query for quite some time.

ABS CBNCherry MobileNext MobileExtelcom

As new users register, the phone number prefixes could be filled out, and the number formats could be revised; the list above could also expand. We know because the formatting of landline numbers is making the changes already.

Globe vs Smart: Which one should I get?

Network coverage and speed can vary across different areas of the Philippines, and the extent of the coverage and the speed offered by Globe and Smart can differ from one area to another. Here’s a comparison of network coverage and speed in different regions of the Philippines:

Luzon Region

  • Globe and Smart have extensive coverage in the urban areas of Metro Manila and other major cities like Baguio, Naga, and Legazpi.
  • In rural areas, Globe has more robust coverage in some provinces like Batangas, while Smart may have better coverage in places like Zambales and Tarlac.
  • In some areas, Smart has more advanced network technology like LTE-A and 5G, which may offer faster internet speeds.

Visayas Region

  • Globe and Smart have good network coverage in major cities like Cebu, Iloilo, and Bacolod, as well as in tourist destinations like Boracay and Bohol.
  • In some rural areas of Visayas, Globe may have better coverage than Smart.
  • Regarding network speed, both operators offer similar speeds in most areas, but Smart may have faster speeds in some urban areas.

Mindanao Region

  • Globe and Smart have good network coverage in major cities like Davao, Cagayan de Oro, and Zamboanga.
  • Globe may have better coverage than Smart in some rural areas of Mindanao.
  • In some areas, Smart has more advanced network technology like LTE-A and 5G, which may offer faster internet speeds.

New players in the market

The introduction of a new telecom player, Dito Telecommunity (formerly Mislatel) in the market could alter this list once again if the company decides to enter a lucrative market but often criticized for the slow speed of the connection.

This can only mean more choices for both consumers and retailers while potentially lowering the costs of mobile services. Until the company chooses to do so, we’ll keep you posted. By then, we will update this list to include new mobile numbers from new mobile network providers.

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