Top Companies in the Philippines in 2022

Ever wonder if your employer made it on LinkedIn’s list of top companies to work for in the Philippines this year?
LinkedIn has ranked the top 15 companies in the Philippines in 2022 based on the merits of employers through its own data and research. Companies have been ranked in terms of offering stability in the workplace while innovating not only to attract top talent but also in retaining them.
The 2022 LinkedIn Top Companies looked into seven categories of employee career progression.

  • ability to advance and opportunity for promotion within the company.
  • skills growth through continuous training and gaining new skills while they are employed in the company.
  • company stability through employee turnover and staff attrition and the percentage of employees that stay in the same company for the past three years.
  • external opportunity looks at talent acquisition outreach across company employees, signaling demand for workers.
  • company affinity through supportive company culture and level of LinkedIn connection among employees.
  • gender diversity through equal gender opportunities for employment and leadership
  • spread of educational backgrounds looks at the educational attainment of employees, reflecting a company’s commitment to hiring from a wide range of professional levels.

1. Smart Communications
Most notable skills: Privacy Issues, Organizational Culture, Telecommunications
Most common job titles: Financial Analyst, Project Engineer, Network Engineer
Largest job functions: Information Technology, Engineering, Sales

2. Accenture
Most notable skills: Functional Testing, Microsoft Azure, Test Automation
Most common job titles: Software Engineer, Data Analyst, Application Developer
Largest job functions: Engineering, Information Technology, Support

3. Shell
Most notable skills: SAP ERP, Stakeholder Management
Most common job titles: Human Resources Advisor, Customer Operations Specialist, Financial Analyst
Largest job functions: Operations, Human Resources, Finance

4. Metrobank
Most notable skills: Banking, Retail Banking, Loans
Most common job titles: Customer Service Representative, Programming Analyst, Relationship Manager
Largest job functions: Finance, Support, Sales, Information Technology

5. Emerson
Most notable skills: Oracle Applications, Order Management, Microsoft Power Apps
Most common job titles: Technical Support Engineer, Collections Specialist, Software Engineer
Largest job functions: Information Technology, Accounting, Operations

6. BDO Unibank
Most notable skills: Banking, Accounting, Sales & Marketing
Most common job titles: Client Services Associate, Accounting Assistant, Marketing Assistant
Largest job functions: Support, Marketing, Information Technology

7. Manila Water
Most notable skills: Program Management, Finance, Accounting
Most common job titles: Network Manager, Construction Manager
Largest job functions: Operations, Information Technology, Engineering 

8. Nestle
Most notable skills: Web Graphics, Order to Cash,  Print Production
Most common job titles: Nutrition Specialist, Social Media Analyst, Field Sales Manager
Largest job functions: Operations, Sales, Marketing

9. WPP
Most notable skills: Productivity Improvement, Constructive Feedback, Building Trust
Most common job titles: Client Services Associate, Customer Service Specialist, Operations Supervisor
Largest job functions: Support, Marketing, Operations 

10. Philippine General Hospital
Most notable skills: Healthcare, Teaching, Research
Most common job titles: Medical Officer, Registered Nurse, Medical Secretary
Largest job functions: Healthcare Services, Research, Administrative

11. Insular Life Assurance Company Ltd
Most notable skills: Insurance, Financial Advisory, Accounting
Most common job titles: Financial Advisor, Financial Professional
Largest job functions: Finance, Sales, Human Resources

12. Robinsons Bank Corporation
Most notable skills: Banking, Loans, Accounting
Most common job titles: Sales Service Manager, Customer Service Assistant, Operations Officer
Largest job functions: Support, Finance, Sales

13. San Miguel Corporation
Most notable skills: Inventory Management, Logistics Management, Banking
Most common job titles: Financial Analyst, Account Specialist, Human Resources Assistant
Largest job functions: Operations, Finance, Sales

14. DXC Technology
Most notable skills: Incident Management, Microsoft Azure, ITIL Process
Most common job titles: Information Technology Consultant, Service Delivery Consultant, Project Manager
Largest job functions: Information Technology, Engineering, Program and Project Management

15. Cognizant
Most notable skills: Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Technical Support, Data Entry
Most common job titles: Senior Process Executive, Process Executive, System Engineer
Largest job functions: Business Development, Operations, Information Technology

2022 LinkedIn Top Companies Research Methodology

  • The company must have at least 500 employees as of Dec. 31, 2021
  • The attrition rate cannot be higher than 10% during the measurement period of Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2021
  • Companies that laid off more than 10% of their workforce are also not eligible
  • In the case of company subsidiaries, only parent companies are on the list
  • Staffing and recruitment firms, the educational sector, and government agencies are likewise excluded.