17 Awesome Products Made From Mango Fruit, Tree

It is amazing to know that from just a sweet and tasty fruit, mango can be transformed into different by-products.

Understanding them helps us see the greater value of mangoes and aids our decision making when selecting which fruit trees to cultivate in our farm lots.

Fresh fruit

This is what we often see in markets, whether sour green or golden yellow, these are sought after as sweet desserts or sour unripe ones best paired with bagoong or alamang.

Mango float

Served during festive occasions and other celebrations, this sweet dessert uses sliced ripe mangoes, Graham crackers and whipped cream.

Thai sweet sticky rice with mango

It is a traditional Thai dessert made with glutinous rice, fresh mango and coconut milk, and eaten with a fork, spoon, or sometimes the hands.

Dried packaged fruit

Sold in supermarkets, these dried mangoes are also exported to foreign countries.

Mango puree

Mashed peeled ripe mango served plain or occasionally mixed with yogurt, smooth or chunky, are among good solid foods to introduce to weaning babies.

Mango concentrate

Product is processed to remove certain ratio of the natural water content found in the mango and produce a concentrated product in smaller volume.

Mango juice

Drink mix composed of several ingredients, including sugar, food preservatives, coloring agents and nutrients.

Mango nectar

Composed of mango concentrate, water and added nutrients.

Mango fruit cocktail

Used in salads.

Mango flavored ice cream

Tasty cold dessert treats.

Mango preserves and jams

Used as sandwich spreads.

Mango pickle

A variety of pickle prepared using mango.

Mango seeds

This can be used for nursery planting materials.


Mango peel, seeds, leaves, branches can be used as organic fertilizer.


Mango wood for lumber and furniture making and fruit boxes.

Home furniture

Mango wood for home furniture.


Specialized fruit, leaves and plant extract for drugs and medicine.

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