8 Funny Filipino Business Names That Make You Smile

Choosing a business name can be as crucial as managing the business itself. That’s because before brand names can evoke nice impressions, they have to get noticed first. And there are few things, if any, that make businesses memorable than a witty, humorous name.

Competition can be tough when you operate a business with low margins and populated by big players in the market. To get a relatively obscure business some measure of relevance, adopting a quirky name can be a start.

Let’s take a look at some business names in the Philippines that might make us at least chuckle.

1. Hair Force One

2. Kini Litsonan ni Rogers

3. Ang Kat Tea

4. Chito Merienda

5. Spotifries

6. Tea Li Ling

7. Star Buhoks Salon and Spa

8. Summacum Laundry

But according to Claro Ganac, a marketing professor at De La Salle University, “using puns is risky, and probably best avoided. It’s novel and might get you noticed, but if the pun is all that people remember of your offering, then that’s bad news.”

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a brand identity that turns heads? But more importantly, it would be nicer to have a brand that is known for superior quality in products or services, guarantees reliability and puts premium in what it does.

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