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How to Start Your Potato Corner Franchise

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Potato Corner is a well-known flavored french fries food company in the Philippines. Its stalls are usually found inside shopping malls or independent shops within busy Philippine streets and has over 800 branches not only in the Philippines but also in the United States, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

Potato Corner menu in Thailand

Priced between P35 and P150 in the Philippines, potato products — mostly fries — are well within the Filipino buyer’s price point consideration. Fries on offer come on different shapes (Loopy, Tater Tots, Sweet Potato, Jo Jo chips) and flavors (BBQ, cheddar, sour cream & onion, chili BBQ, cinnamon & sugar, garlic & parmesan) are priced based on flavor and size (regular, large, jumbo, mega, giga).

After it launched its first outlet in 1992, Potato Corner’s success in the enhanced french fries business became evident when it started its franchising business only one year later.

Its success has been recognized as being the recipient of Franchise Excellence Hall of Fame Award by Philippine Franchise Association and the Department of Trade and Industry in 2003 for being the Best Franchise for three consecutive years.

No wonder its reach has extended beyond the Philippine shores as fries are loved by people around the world.

As a Potato Corner franchisee, you will join the bandwagon of the company’s time-tested business plan, a winning set of recipes and a reputable brand known globally.

Each Potato Corner shop has several strategic advantages:

  • Its menu offerings are widely accepted form of snacks
  • Its food preparation time is short and therefore is within manageable waiting time
  • Its manpower needs is minimal, helped by Potato Corner’s simple food preparation process
  • Its servings and packaging is geared toward on-the-go pedestrians
  • Its location is within a prominent spot — within shopping areas, schools and other areas with high foot traffic
  • Its food carts can operate within small area, therefore reducing costs of lease and maintenance
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Commonly asked questions:

1. Who can apply for a Potato Corner franchise?
Anyone who is a resident of the Philippines or any of our locations can franchise a Potato Corner store (United States, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia or Thailand), booth, or kiosk as long as all necessary documents are submitted and all necessary fees paid for.

2. What are the primary considerations before applying to be a franchisee?
Potato Corner does not provide locations for franchisees to set up their store, booth or food kiosk so the first consideration would be the desired shop location.

The second item a franchisee must consider is the investment capital. Potato Corner Franchise Package is P350,000, for the standard cart, a pop-up, stand-alone cart that you are most likely to see of a Potato Corner. However it can range from P200,000 to P1,200,000, depending on the requirement of the lessor. The price will be dependent on the store type that you select.

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3. What are ideal locations to set up a Potato Corner store?
Generally, high foot traffic and pedestrian activity areas are best for setting up Potato Corner shop, along with other similar businesses. These may include shopping malls, transport terminals, schools or amusement parks.

4. How much does it cost to avail a franchise package?
Potato Corner franchise package varies depending on type of plan you wish to avail based on your chosen location. The package consists of food cart or booth, establishment charge, products and supplies, introductory supplies and preparation for franchisee and staff.

School Cart Package: P200,000
This package is ideal for schools grounds, college or university canteens or any area within campus premises.
School Cart measurements: Height: 2.10 m x Length: 1.22 m x Width: 0.60 m
Required area: 2.5 m. x 2.5 m.

Standard Franchise Package: P350,000
Standard Cart measurements: Height: 2.10 m x Length: 1.90 m x Width: 0.80 me

Kiosk: P400,000 – P500,000
Kiosk w/ Roof & Seating: P500,000 – P600,000
In-Line Store: P500,000 – P700,000
In-Line Store w/ Seating: P800,000 – P1,200,000

Custom Fit or in-line Plans:
It is also possible to start your Potato Corner shop custom store measurements.

These packages are ideal for workplaces, shopping centers, bazaars, transport terminals and other areas with high volume of pedestrian traffic.

5. What does the franchise package fee cover?
The initial investment charged in the franchise package includes:

  • Cart/Kiosk
  • Franchise Fee
  • Small Wares & Equipment
  • Initial Supplies
  • Franchisee Training
  • Crew Training

6. What are the requirements to apply for Potato Corner franchise?
Interested parties are requested to prepare the following documents:

  • Letter of Intent (please include your desired location and reason/s why you want to franchise)
  • Map of your desired location (a sketch will do)
  • Photos of your desired location
  • Resume/Curriculum Vitae
  • Two valid IDs (passport, SSS, driver’s license, etc)

Once Potato Corner has received a prospect’s interest, a team will schedule a meeting and a location visit may be done within the same day, or may be scheduled at another time.

Potato Corner contact details
Ms. Ellaine Bautista
Phone: (632) 534-5845/46
Fax: (632) 534-5849
869 Katarungan St., Barangay Plainview, Mandaluyong City

Walk-ins are welcome but it is highly recommended to send an email or give a call to request for appointment. This ensures that someone from Potato Corner office will be available during the pre-arranged meeting.

7. How long will a franchise application be approved?
The entire process should take about a month to complete, assuming necessary documents are provided and desired location of shop has been confirmed.

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