Sunday, September 25, 2022

Personal Finance

GCash Scam: 6 Ways to Avoid Becoming a Victim

Beyond using cash payments, Filipinos are now becoming more comfortable using digital payment options to settle bills and pay for merchandise. This cashless ecosystem empowers both the buying public and businesses to rely less on bills and coins which...

Debt Payment: Why People Get Mad When You Ask Them to Pay Back

Debt payment can be a complicated thing. You may be on either or both sides of the situation: the accidental creditor who lends someone money you're supposed to spend on something else OR the person in distress and wants...
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What Network Starts With This Phone Number?

One of the common things to ask before sending an SMS or calling a mobile number in the Philippines is “what network is this.” Knowing whether the number you intend to call is Smart, Globe, Sun Cellular, or any...

5 Things Every SSS Member Needs to Know

Being an SSS member not only assures of retirement pension upon attainment of minimum monthly contributions, it also offers several benefits such as sickness, disability, maternity and financial loans. Typically, this provident fund scheme is funded by both employer...
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Top Companies in the Philippines in 2022

Ever wonder if your employer made it on LinkedIn's list of top companies to work for in the Philippines...
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